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Get results and recover faster! Our clients on average experience a 50 percent decrease in pain after just one session! To all athletes, come in for a session and see what it is like to be treated like pro. On average our 5K runners experience a decrease in their overall time by 90 seconds! Other athletes Elite Performance has experience in treating include, but are not limited to: cross country, marathon or track runners, swimmers, triathletes, golfers, tennis players, and more! 



Elite Performance offers exceptional physical therapy to anyone looking to relieve pain and/or increase athletic performance! 


Elte Performance consists of two dedicated and talented professionals; both trained as physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers who strive to create a comfortable, relaxed, and healing environment upon each and every visit, giving all clients the care and attention they deserve.  Their number one goal is to provide anyone looking to improve function, decrease pain, and/or athletes who strive to improve their endurance and performance, with the most personalized one-on-one care that in turn supplies lasting, and long-term results. No matter your age or challenge, Elite Performance uses the most effective and up-to-date techniques that enable patients to receive the best care and obtain long-term relief and/or a dramatic increase in athletic performance. 



Mohamed Nasser has over 15 years of experience and strongly believes in treating the patient beyond their symptoms without rehab aids. He believes it is important to address the entire body as a whole rather than limiting treatment to focusing on one centralized area of the body. This allows for him and his associate to learn about possible body deficits that the patient may not have been aware of before. By approaching treatment in such a manor, this gives every client the opportunity to reach his or her goals and to improve their quality of life. 

918 South Ave West, Westifled NJ.07090              855.633.3786              Hours of operation: 7am-9pm daily

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